PCS: Personal Care Services

Who qualifies?

Children under the age of 21 in need of assistance with activities of daily living who are Medicaid recipients.

What services are provided?

Personal attendant services (PAS).

More info and how to access this program…

To obtain PCS Services you must call 1-888-276-0702; Press option 1; option 1; option 1; Tell the intake line you want your child evaluated for the PCS program. The intake line will take down your child’s information and will have a case worker contact you within 3 weeks to set up an evaluation. When the case worker contacts you they will ask which agency you would like to receive services through, so you need to have decided on a home health agency at this point. When the case worker comes to perform your child’s evaluation it is very important that you tell them every little thing that you do with your child and make sure that you always tell the caseworker that you need help with all activities if you do (because of other family needs and expectations), even if you are performing the task now on your own, because if not, you do not get “credit” for that task in the evaluation for hours. Once the evaluation is complete the case worker will submit the evaluation tool to Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership (TMHP) to await the amount of hours authorized. The authorization will be sent to agency you selected for services to begin. Authorizations are for hours per week and are good for one year. You cannot work over the hours in a week but if you do not utilize all the hours in a given week, they are lost.

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