A Letter from our CEO, Jessica Riggs, RN

Angels of Care

A Letter from our CEO, Jessica Riggs, RN

Dear AOC Family:

The past few months have been an incredibly turbulent time for our nation as we first experienced the COVID-19 pandemic and then, in the midst of that crisis, a number of recent events have forced us to come to terms with the social injustice and racial inequities that have plagued the country for too many years.

I know I am not alone in having experienced a wide range of emotions. These events have also given me time to reflect on my own values and those of Angels of Care, a company that is built on values that cherish caring for others, HALOS:

Our clients are the HEART of everything we do, we ADVOCATE for the pediatric medically fragile industry, we LOVE our employees and treat them like family, we contribute and participate in OUTREACH activities, and we react to the needs of our employees and clients with SPEED.

For 20 years, HALOS has guided everything we do and it is truly the foundation of our agency. Furthermore, we have always strived to be part of the solution and this time is no different. In addition to adhering to our HALOS values, we will also seek to continue to embrace diversity and uphold the highest standards of ethics, compassion, integrity, and equality. As a company, we know of no better way to lead than to do so by example.

On a personal level, I encourage everyone to look deeply into their own hearts for the wisdom and understanding that enables us to love and respect one another. I know that if we truly try and do that, we will be able to achieve equality and social justice for all and we will achieve it more quickly than we ever thought possible.

Finally, I also firmly believe that the key to the way forward is through honest conversations. We have to communicate with each other even if, at times, those conversations are uncomfortable. To that end, we want you to know that we care about you. If you feel you are not being heard, please know that we are listening. And, if you are passionate to make a change, AOC is with you!

Jessica Riggs, RN CEO