COVID-19 Update

Covid-19 update

COVID-19 Update

To our valued AOC Family,

Our efforts to monitor the Coronavirus outbreak continue. At this time, we have temporarily moved all office employees who are not required to be in the office to complete their job to a work from home environment to reduce the risk of spread. You can still reach your AOC team members through our phone system. We will continue to hire new nurses and therapists in our office settings. Cleaning protocols have been implemented in all our locations to ensure nurses and therapists entering the building are not being exposed as well.

We understand that in this time of uncertainty your priority is the safety and wellbeing of your child and family. Several families have asked our opinion about continuing to allow clinicians in their homes.

We encourage you to make the decisions that are best for your family but would also like to provide you with information related to this decision. We are preparing our clinicians to continue to provide excellent care to our clients during this time. We are specifically asking clinicians to limit their exposure to people and to self-quarantine when not at work. Clinicians are equipped with knowledge and tools to prevent the spread of infection. We have reminded and will continue to remind our clinicians of the expectations while providing care to prevent the spread of all diseases and infections.

As most of you know our clinicians need to work during this time as they are depending on this to financially meet their family’s needs. We are doing everything we can to prevent the loss of clinicians during this time to hospitals and other healthcare facilities. You can help with this effort by allowing clinicians to continue to work. Enforcing strict policies related to hand washing and distancing as much as possible is highly recommended. We encourage you to assume that all individuals living in your home or entering your home have been exposed to the Coronavirus and to protect your child as if this is true.

As always, our clients are the heart of everything we do and we will get through this together. Our clinical teams are on standby to discuss your concerns and to help you identify ways to protect the health and wellbeing of your family.


Best Regards,

Jessica Riggs, RN CEO