Hourly Nursing Care

Hourly Nursing Care is an option for children and young adults with special needs such as tracheostomy and ventilator care, feeding tubes, nebulizer treatments, TPN, frequent seizures requiring intervention, as well as many other special medical needs that children and young adults may have.

Hourly Nursing Care is nursing provided in your home or child’s school or daycare by an RN (registered nurse) or LPN (licensed practical nurse).  Nursing is provided in shifts rather than visits. For example, some children require 8 hours of care per day and some up to 24 hours of care per day. Our nursing services are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Each child is unique as is each family and Angels of Care strives to ensure the perfect nurse(s) for each.

Angels of Care Pediatric Home Health is proud to hold their nurses; RN’s and LPN’s, in high regard. Angels of Care hires RN’s and LPN’s daily. All nurses are screened and interviewed to ensure only the best quality nurses. Angels of Care Pediatric Home Health tests all of its nurses to ensure clinical competency and knowledge. The testing provided is not just written testing but hands on with state of the art training dummies and equipment.  Nurses receive training in the office and in the homes of the clients to ensure that the children they care for get nothing but the best. In addition to that training, Angels of Care Pediatric Home Health also provides advanced training for their nurses to ensure competency in the care and maintenance of ventilators and tracheostomy tubes. We provide this training under the instruction of a Certified Respiratory Therapist. Vent and Trach training is provided in the classroom setting using all of the equipment and supplies used in the home and then each nurse is also trained in the home of the client to ensure complete competency.

Angels of Care prepares their nurses and values them to ensure longevity so that once a child finds the perfect nurse, the relationship is permanent. Using these valuable RN’s and LPN’s, Angels of Care Pediatric Home Health is able to provide hourly nursing care in the homes of thousands of families across Colorado.

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