Many children and young adults with special needs require assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, eating, toileting, etc. Angels of Care Pediatric Home Health can accommodate this by providing an attendant to your child to fit your schedule. If your child is receiving attendant care through MDCP you have the option to have an attendant that is a PAS or PASD. PAS is personal attendant services provided by an attendant who cannot perform any tasks other than the assistance of activities of daily living. PASD is personal attendant services delegated which is an attendant who can have skilled tasks delegated to them by an RN, for example; tube feedings, medication administration, and/or nebulizer treatments.

Attendants are unlicensed personnel that go through a stringent interview process and background check. All attendants are tested and trained to ensure that they are competent in the care of children and young adults with special needs. Sometimes, families have family or friends available to care for their child with special needs; this is a valuable option for the families. With this option, you can have someone you already know and trust in your home to assist your child with special needs. Attendants can work hourly shifts in your home to provide assistance to your child. Depending on the program in which your child receives attendant services, you could have a nurse and an attendant caring for your child at the same time, if your child requires two-person assistance.

Angels of Care Pediatric Home Health assigns an RN Case Manager to each of our clients to ensure the best possible management of your child’s care.

Angels of Care Pediatric Home Health strives to be the best provider of attendant care. To learn more about our private duty nursing, speech assistance, attendant care, or any other helpful services Angels of Care provides please contact us today!