Angels of Care Pediatric Home Health provides respite care and adjunct services to children and young adults with special needs across the entire state of Texas through the MDCP and Star+Plus programs. Respite and adjunct services can be provided by nurses or attendants in the comfort of your own home. Respite and adjunct services are delivered in hourly shifts. Angels of Care Pediatric Home Health assigns an RN Case Manager to each of our clients to ensure the best possible management of your child’s care.

Respite care is a service that provides temporary relief from care giving to a child’s primary caregiver during the times when they would normally provide care. This means that respite nursing or attendant care can be provided at any time that a parent/caregiver is not working or in school and during a time in which the child is not in daycare or school. Respite caregivers cannot work in conjunction with providers of other services. Respite is intended to provide relief to caregivers so they may do things that they may not be able to do otherwise, for example; grocery shopping, caring for other children, taking a nap, or going on a date.

Adjunct services also provide assistance to families of children and young adults with special needs. Adjunct services are an alternative to respite care services for children and young adults with special needs who need additional assistance at times when the caregivers may be at work or school. Nurses and/or attendants can care for your child at times when respite care is not allowed, as long as there is another caregiver present, such as a school teacher, grandparent, or nurse for example.

Angels of Care Pediatric Home Health strives to be the best provider of respite care and adjunct services. To learn more about Angels of Care Pediatric Home Health, respite and adjunct services, or any other helpful services Angels of Care provides please contact us today!