April Field Nurse of the Month: Teresa Elizabeth Baker

Teresa Elizabeth - Skilled Nurse

April Field Nurse of the Month: Teresa Elizabeth Baker

Congratulations to our May Field Nurse of the Month, Teresa Elizabeth Baker!

Last month, the family she works with sent us an email to let us know just how extraordinary Teresa is. She has worked with this family for a few years and their son truly adores his Eyyeyabet (as he calls her)! She is beyond measure to her family now more than ever. In mid April the family faced a serious emergency as the father of the patient became trapped under the car that he was repairing. His chest was under the wheel well and his arm was pinned by the drive axle. Teresa secured her patient to protect him from the emotional trauma and then went on to bravely rescue her patient’s parent. Teresa alerted 911 and once the paramedics arrived, she gathered the necessary items that she knew that her patients family would need. The mother of the patient has stated multiple times that not once did she worry about making arrangements for her son due to Teresa’s handling of the situation.

Teresa stayed long over her shift and was dedicated to keeping her patient away from the emotional trauma and turmoil that the family was facing. The patient’s father was released early morning and thanks to Teresa’s quick thinking and keeping cool under pressure, he was able to avoid suffering from worse traumatic injuries. The mother stated, “In my heart, I feel without her presence, he would not have been pulled from under the car as quick as he was. I am forever grateful for her.”

At Angels of Care, we too are forever grateful for Teresa Elizabeth Baker who continues to amaze us by going above and beyond while always exemplifying our HALO values. We LOVE having Teresa in the AOC family!!!