What are the HALOS Values?

What are the HALOS Values?

What are the HALOS Values?

 They are the values that AOC was built upon when Bonnie West founded this company in 2000. We continue to believe in and adhere by the #HALOS daily.

What does HALOS stand for?

HALOS can be broken down into 5 core values: Heart, Advocacy, Love, Outreach, and Speed.

How do we utilize the HALOS values?

  • Heart: Our clients are the heart of everything we do. Every decision made at Angels of Care is made with the client’s best interest in mind. We go above and beyond to ensure appropriate services are provided to these families through continuity of care
  • Advocacy: We will advocate for our clients, industry, providers, and compliance. Our team has a significant presence in both the Texas Association of Home Care and Hospice and the Home Care Association of Colorado. Our team is frequently involved in meetings with legislatures, home care state executives, managed care organizations, and other industry leaders to ensure the appropriate services are accessible to the families we serve. Compliance is an integral part of all Angels of Care processes. The robust compliance team and compliance program at Angels of Care works to ensure that all rules and regulations are followed to allow for clinical and compliance excellence.
  • Love: We love our employees and will go above and beyond for them. We believe that if our employees feel the love that they will love their job. If our employees love their job they can help us love our clients, which is the heart of everything we do. Our employees are truly part of the AOC family.
  • Outreach: We will have outreach into the special needs community. We encourage employees to become part of the special needs community. Being involved in this community drives a sense of purpose behind the job that our employees do.
  • Speed: We will act with speed to ensure our employees, clients, and families are taken care of with the upmost priority. We understand that every minute counts and that these families rely on us to act quickly and be responsive to the needs of their children.


Why are the HALOS Values so important?

The HALOS Values are essential to following our founder’s vision for Angels of Care. We strive to be the best pediatric home health company and we believe serving the medically fragile community using these values is the way maintain that aspiration. Our mission is to provide children and young adults with high-quality home heath care in a loving, caring, and professional manner. Abiding by and believing in these values sets AOC apart from every other pediatric home health company.