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August 2019’s Office Employee of the Month — Juanita Griggs!

When a patient’s Spanish speaking family initially calls Angels of Care to seek home health for their child, there’s a good chance they’re going to speak with Juanita Griggs, our Bilingual Intake Coordinator. Juanita is a ray of sunshine and has an unparalleled dedication to her clients, patients, colleagues, and to Angels of Care. After being with us for 3 years (this coming October) Juanita knows all of the ins and outs of the intake department and is an asset to AOC. She says that the best thing about working at AOC is “the feeling that we have made a difference in a family’s life” and we have no doubt that Juanita does that on a daily basis.

In addition to being an outstanding employee, Juanita is a wonderful individual who is passionate about her husband and children. She describes her husband, Lonnie, as her “rock” and her children as her “life”. In fact, she loves her family so much that when asked if would ever want to trade places with someone in history her response was, “I wouldn’t trade places with anybody because that would mean I wouldn’t have my family!” She says that her kids inspire her to do her best every day and keeping them smiling and laughing makes all her hard work worth it. #bestmomever

While she may not want to take a little vacation from life to trade places with any celebrities, she has no objections to getting away on a vacation every once in a while!  Her favorite place to visit so far has been her honeymoon spot, Cozumel. She loved the beach, the sand, and of course, the margaritas! In the future, she would love to travel to Egypt. She is fascinated by its history and culture, wants to visit the pyramids, and maybe even find a little adventure while she’s there! When she’s not day dreaming about jet-setting, she loves doing handy chores around the house, although she is self-admittedly not very good at it (ha!), binge-watching Little Women of LA, and coloring in coloring books.

Juanita, thank you so much for all that you do at Angels of Care. You have shown your love for AOC for 3 years and we hope that you see how much you’re appreciated here!  Congratulations on being Angels of Care’s August 2019 Office Employee of the Month!!

Teresa Elizabeth - Skilled Nurse

April Field Nurse of the Month: Teresa Elizabeth Baker

Congratulations to our May Field Nurse of the Month, Teresa Elizabeth Baker!

Last month, the family she works with sent us an email to let us know just how extraordinary Teresa is. She has worked with this family for a few years and their son truly adores his Eyyeyabet (as he calls her)! She is beyond measure to her family now more than ever. In mid April the family faced a serious emergency as the father of the patient became trapped under the car that he was repairing. His chest was under the wheel well and his arm was pinned by the drive axle. Teresa secured her patient to protect him from the emotional trauma and then went on to bravely rescue her patient’s parent. Teresa alerted 911 and once the paramedics arrived, she gathered the necessary items that she knew that her patients family would need. The mother of the patient has stated multiple times that not once did she worry about making arrangements for her son due to Teresa’s handling of the situation.

Teresa stayed long over her shift and was dedicated to keeping her patient away from the emotional trauma and turmoil that the family was facing. The patient’s father was released early morning and thanks to Teresa’s quick thinking and keeping cool under pressure, he was able to avoid suffering from worse traumatic injuries. The mother stated, “In my heart, I feel without her presence, he would not have been pulled from under the car as quick as he was. I am forever grateful for her.”

At Angels of Care, we too are forever grateful for Teresa Elizabeth Baker who continues to amaze us by going above and beyond while always exemplifying our HALO values. We LOVE having Teresa in the AOC family!!!

Gina Fox - Angels of Care Employee

Office Employee of the Month: Gina Fox

Congratulations to our April Office Employee of the Month, Gina Fox!!
Our Amarillo and El Paso families may recognize her as their awesome Staffing Specialist! Gina has always been a great teammate and has an energy that brightens everyone’s day. Even with the busy schedule she has, she will help out anyone who needs it and always answer any questions her teammates have. She is a true asset to our Angels of Care family and we are so fortunate to have her. We LOVE our employees!!
Juanita Munoz - Clinical Liaison at Angels Of Care

Colorado Spotlight: Juanita Munoz

We are excited to introduce our Clinical Liaison, Juanita Munoz.

Juanita has been in the medical field for over 10 years with 2 years specialized in pediatric nursing. She is passionate about helping and inspiring others and truly loves what she does. Juanita hopes to continue to provide high-quality nursing care to patients and their families throughout Colorado. Outside of work, she stays busy making memories with her four children and enjoying the outdoors.

Lisa Foster - Clinical Director of Operations at Angels of Care

Colorado Spotlight: Lisa Foster

We are pleased to introduce our Colorado Clinical Director of Operations, Lisa Foster.

Lisa has worked with the pediatric population as an RN for 26 years, with the last 13 years devoted to pediatric home health/home care in Colorado. She has the pleasure of being on the board of directors for the Home Care Association of Colorado (HCAC) as well as serving as a chairperson for their legislative committee. She is an active member of the Survey Task Force which consists of HCAC members and representation from CDPHE to bridge any gaps between providers and surveyors. She has also had the honor of being appointed to the Medicaid Provider Rate Review Advisory Committee to represent Home Health and PDN for Colorado which she currently serves as chairperson. It is with great enthusiasm that she and the entire Colorado team embark on establishing Angels of Care as provider of choice for pediatric/young adults in Colorado.

Eric Canchola - Director of Operations at Angels of Care

Colorado Spotlight: Eric Canchola

We are happy to introduce our Director of Operations, Eric Canchola.

Eric has worked in home healthcare for 9 years. The last 6 of those have been focused in pediatric home health care. Eric has a big heart and truly loves the kids that we serve. He is passionate about advocating for clients and employees and will go above and beyond for our clients, their families and the employees who serve them.

He is a Colorado native who is passionate about helping others. Outside of work, he is a huge sports enthusiast and enjoys spending time with his four kids, family and friends.

To learn more about our pediatric home health services, contact us today! (855) 45-ANGEL